Collector's edition

A collection of one-off cars. Crafted with the same love and passion that real cars owners put in their creations.

Remember your favorite toy car?

I'm a very passionate fan of cars, that’s why I decided to create this collection that takes you back to your childhood. Collect real-life cars, brought into the NFT world, and re-imagined as toy cars.


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What's next?

The collection is based on 1/1 editions. The main objective is to launch one car each month during a year. So, The collection will have the 12 best in-scene cars.

These cars are handmade crafted specifically for the collection. Made from scratch without following blueprints or base models. They are created based on photographs that I can find on the internet.

Every car is chosen by me, but if you have one car in mind that you think must be in the collection, please, don't hesitate to contact me through the social profiles that you can find just below

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